“The Film reveals a new great Italian Actress who now lives in New York….. New excellent opportunity to showcase the best of the Italian talent on the stage of New York ”
America Oggi
“Margherita Peluso’s performance as a highly disturbed nun is riveting. She demonstrates a command of physical comedy rarely seen. ”
Toorak Times
“Such a delight to have Margherita Peluso atmy Deer Park Production studio. Gracious and sweet is my best description of this talented actress.”
Hug C. Daly
“..a mystical collision of butoh and theatre EnTrance is a wonderfully expressive union of music and text, image and movement, bound together by irresistible logic of dreams.”
The Age
“Lo spettatore viene condotto in un mondo immaginario dove l’unico punto di riferimento, che ha con il reale, è rappresentato dall’esistenza materiale delle opere d’arte.”
Il Plurale
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