“Incisiva, spontanea e dramatica e’ stata l’interpretazione di Margherita Peluso.”
Il Globo
“All the world’s experiences, on a stage she carries her audience on a journey through life, life after death, mental despair, physical delight, meditative sequences, cabaret breakouts, sweet sadness and ghoulish madness”
Jill Sykes
“Most Notably Margherita Peluso whose digression through insanity, convincingly portrayed a clash of pride, morals and social convention ”
Same Same
“Peluso sweeps her audience along with her with excellent performance skills and remarkable concentration… This could be a difficult notion to convey to an audiance but Peluso doest it with conviction, honesty and passion… Peluso’s characterization is captivating, her performance is raw and honest”
Theater People
“..con nessun oggetto in Scena c’è solo Margherita con il suo corpo a raccontare la storia e trasmettere emozioni… ed il risultato è eccellente. ”
Il Globo